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Sample Requests

We are happy to send samples upon request, so that you and your customers can see and feel the quality. We may not be able to match exact specifications on leather or imprint color in all styles requested, but we can include colored swatches if a sample is not presently available in the color you have requested.

We will gladly send 1 - 5 samples to a single address at no cost to you. For more than 5 samples, or samples sent to multiple addresses, we may ask for a small amount to cover extra samples or additional shipping costs, which may be paid by credit card prior to shipment; or we may ask you to provide your carrier account number with authorization to ship using your account.

A finished pre-production (“pre-pro”) sample bearing your specific branding or other artwork may be obtained. For pre-pro samples, all dies necessary in order to complete the order must be purchased by credit card prior to production of the sample. Additionally, there is a nominal $ pre-pro sample fee, which covers set-up and shipping (UPS Ground or USPS Priority). Pre-pro die charges are a one-time charge and will not be charged again when your full order for that item is placed. Both the die charges and the pre-pro sample fee are non-refundable.

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We operate with an F.O.B. shipping point of either Bridgewater, MA or Stoughton, MA. Once an order leaves our facilities, you assume responsibility for the items. (To protect you, we always include shipping insurance unless specifically asked by you not to declare value.)

Your invoice will be sent electronically to the email address from which the order was placed, or to another email as requested (e.g., your A/P department). Payment terms begin the day items ship and the invoice is sent.

You may obtain a copy of your invoice at any time by placing an email request.

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Payment terms are a STRICT NET 30 from the day your order ships, unless otherwise noted (e.g., pre-paid orders, premier customers, etc.).

Payment is made as one sum for the entirety of the invoice and may be made by check or by major credit card (i.e., Visa, MasterCard, AmEx).

Please be sure that you have our correct mailing address on record for all mailed payments:

David Michael Leather
95 Conant Street
Bridgewater, MA 02324

Payment may be made by credit card HERE, or by clicking the link at the bottom of each page. There is a 2% processing fee for all payments made by credit card, noted clearly at the bottom of each invoice. However, for credit card payments made early (i.e., pre-paid or within 15 days of invoice), the 2% processing fee shall be waived. Please be sure to include the 2% processing fee in addition to the invoice total when paying by credit card past 15 days from invoice. We cannot process credit card payments made more than 15 days past invoice if the processing fee is not included in the total.

The online credit card processing form is a data-collection tool only. All payments are processed manually and securely, and you will receive a verification email as soon as your payment has been processed.

Please keep in mind that extended payment terms are a courtesy offered to customers who remain in good standing by honoring those terms. We work hard to produce and ship orders on time, and do ask for the same courtesy in return. For payments received after the term end, we will no longer be able to offer delayed payment terms on future orders, but will require credit card payemnt in full prior to production.

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RUSH Orders

Orders entered into regular production will ship no later than 10 business days from the day we receive a completed PO and approval of a virtual proof (or waiver of proof). This is actually quite fast turnaround, given that all of our products are made by real craftsmen and require multiple steps to complete (e.g., cutting, debossing, stitching, finishing, etc.). If you do need your order shipped sooner than 10 business days, however, we can submit the order for RUSH processing, and possibly expedited shipping, as well.

We do not charge a RUSH fee. We do, however, require that all RUSH orders be pre-paid in full by credit card, and that you supply us with your UPS account number with authorization to ship via your selected method (e.g., Ground, 2-Day, etc).

How soon we can process a RUSH order will depend on many factors, including the size of your order, the availability of materials necessary to complete your order, and the number of orders already in the regular production queue and RUSH queue at the time you place your order. Please contact us to ask for specific turnaround for your RUSH order.

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Low and High-Run Orders

Because of the set-up time on multiple machines, and the handwork necessary to complete most items, we generally do not accept orders for fewer than 50 items. However, if you have special circumstances, you may ask for an exception and quote. Do keep in mind that the per-unit price for extremely low-run orders will be higher than the prices of our highest-tier pricing shown online and must additionally include the low-run fee of $.

Why the low-run fee? Our products are not made by automated processes. Every item undergoes many stages of production, each requiring the skill and attention of a real craftsmen; and that means real time. We discovered that because of the set-up, production and finishing time required, there is a critical quantity below which we simply make no profit. Recently, we considered making our minimum order quantity 100 units; however, at the request of many who still enjoy lower runs, we have continued to offer low-run quantities with the addition of the $ low-run fee.

Depending on our current production volume and the flexibility of your in-hands date, yes, we can also handle high-volume orders. Pricing for high-volume orders depends on our current production volume; the color, type and availability of materials; your in-hands date; and several other factors. Pricing for high-volume orders will be lower than our “1001 - 2500” tier pricing. However, do understand that there is a logical and practical threshold to the discount that can be offered for any quantity, no matter how large.

Turnaround time on high-volume orders depends largely on the actual quantity being requested. For instance, while we may be able to produce and ship 3000 units within 10 business days, it is unlikely that we would be able to ship 20,000 units within 10 business days.

Please contact us for a quote on price and turnaround time for your specific high-volume order. We are very careful to meet our production and shipping quotes.